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We are two dedicated wine enthusiasts who want to pass on our enjoyment of wine to as many people as possible.


We both have regular employment outwith the wine trade, but we want to let you enjoy some of the wines we have tasted and which we think everyone should try.

Our aim is to buy good quality wines at the most reasonable prices possible, and then to sell those wines on without making supermarket or restaurant level of profits in the process. 

Our slogan is "New World Wines from the Old World" and we aim to import wines directly from France, Italy, Spain, etc that we consider to be of an equivalent style to wines that you can buy from Australia, California, Chile, etc. 


The wines that we import are from wineries that we have personally visited and consider to be both of a high quality and great value for money. 


We shall specialise in wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France.  We shall however offer wines from the New World when we are given the opportunity to sell them at prices that we consider to represent outstanding quality and great value for money. 

All of our cases are tailor-made to specific suitable themes for the present time of the year. We ensure that all wines featured in these cases represent our company ethos and high standards - we're sure you will agree!

We also have a selection of premium cases available.  Again, all these wines have been personally tasted by ourselves (maybe more than once). 


The aim of our premium cases is to give you the opportunity to sample wines from both the Old World and from the New World that you are unlikely to have the opportunity to sample anywhere else.

 Meet The Team 

David Mair

David Mair has always been interested in wine even as a small boy. His passion for the winemaking process arose when he was given a present of the right to purchase the product of two rows of vines in Burgundy in 1993, close to the time he started his MBA. 

In 2001 David gained a Diploma in Wine Studies, completing the WSET Higher Certificate at the Food Tech, the year previous. 


David worked part-time in Peckhams for five years from 2003 onwards. It was at this time that he started studying for the Master of Wines. He was unsuccessful in the first year course in 2003 - took a year out and re-sat and passed the exam in 2005. 


Affectionately known as "Mr.Mair" within AFW, he was the President of the Institute of Wines & Spirits Scotland in 2006 - 2008.

In 2008 David and his 'study-buddy' Stephen Running journeyed to Melbourne for a one week study course and visited many vineyards, both sitting the Master of Wines exam that June. Unfortunately both failed to pass on this occasion. 

Davie Miller

On teaming up with Mr Mair at the WSET course they quickly realised that they shared the same enthusiasm and passion for wine. Wine, then a hobby, transformed into a business which gradually began to take up more and more of their time – enjoyably so. Davie is very grateful for having been able to travel extensively to the most prominent vineyards throughout Europe, ie. Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Tuscany and so on.


Davie had the distinct pleasure recently to have been chosen to be an associated judge for The International Wine Challenge. This great privilege allowed him to be one of the few individuals that were able to leave their mark on the wines which people all across the UK would be able to purchase at supermarkets and independent wine merchants.

For Davie, his fascination stems from the craft of the ‘grape to bottle’ process and how such a small plant can generate so much enjoyment. Tasting wines from such a vast quantity of countries has enabled Davie to continuously learn the diversity and growing complexity of making this wonderful product.

Davies fondest memories of wine (although hazy) was when he and Mr Mair visited the Porto region. He was given the opportunity to taste the full range of wines from two prominent wine makers, within their headquarters. Stunningly located over-looking the River Douro, they tasted some remarkable old ports, one of which was over 100 years old. It’s not very often you are treated to an edible 100 year old product!

In his pursuit of all things wine Davie will boast that he has been to no fewer than 16 countries (!) - all in the name of "research".

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Neil Gordon

Neil has spent many years developing and enhancing his appreciation of wine – among other licensable liquors. He is descended from the founder of a well known distillery company. His sister and brother-in-law have wineries in the Languedoc and in Kent. So, booze is in his blood! This being the case, he has recently set up a wine business of his own – hopefully complementing the AFW listings, rather than competing with them.


At the time of writing, Neil is the Immediate Past President of The Institute of Wines and Spirits Scotland (IWSS). This was an onerous responsibility, given the amount of wine that could only be tasted, rather than drunk.


Neil’s extensive knowledge of wines is focussed on the ‘Old World’ of France, Germany, Hungary and Italy (only one of whose languages he can speak). He has recently visited the wine areas of Champagne, Saumur Champigny and Sancerre (all in France), Okanagan Valley (Canada), Tuscany (Italy), Tokaj, Eger, Somló and Lake Balaton (all in Hungary), and Lauffen (Germany) – as part of the Scottish team that was joint winner of the town’s 2016 blind tasting competition.


Within AFW, Neil’s principle rôle is mediator between the 2 directorial egos: if the two Davids cannot agree on something, then Neil has to give his opinion on the matter – while attempting to not favour one Director over the other. It is a bit like walking a tightrope.

Nicola Smith Gordon

Nicola is currently studying for the Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the WSET, having already achieved the Level 3 Award. She is also, presently, the Administrator of The Institute of Wines and Spirits Scotland (IWSS).


Nicola has recently been to Lauffen-am-Neckar, in Germany, where she immersed herself in the intensive experience of the grape harvest and wine-making process at Weingut Schaaf. This was a return visit, in 2016, after being part of Team Scotland –joint winners of the town’s blind tasting competition.


She is now specialising in German wines, having set up her own company to import some of the quality wines from that country.

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