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Herdade Da Malhadina Nova

November 2010

(Tour of Portugal)

Day 2 (cont'd)

Wednesday 3rd November 


Our next visit was to the Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, which turned out to be a mouthful that I could never pronounce properly! 


Anyway, this was a very different concept from Cortes de Cima – very much larger, with its own hotel included in the estate. In fact, the whole estate was so large that we were driven around it in a jeep just to get a feel for it. Like Cortes de Cima, there were also oak trees for cork and olive trees for olive oil. But here there were also the famous black boar, about which we had heard so much.

 I can’t say they didn’t look any different from any other large pig that I’ve seen – just a wee bit darker! But never mind, they definitely tasted different!

After the trip round the estate, we were shown around the winery before a tasting and then lunch. 

Wines we tasted included the Monte de Peceguina 2009 White (with the chourico, cheese, apple and onion), Malhadinha 2009 White (with the pumpkin soup, cheese and almonds – gorgeous”), Rosé de Peceguina, Monte da Peceguina 2009, Malhadinha 2008 (both with ox-tails and parsley risotto) and Pequeno Joao 2008 (with the

cinnamon sponge cake, prunes and honey).  My favourites were the two wines in the Malhadinha range – especially the Malhadinha 2009 white.

"they didn't look any different from any other large pig that I've seen - just a wee bit darker!"

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